The TexVision system includes several types of high quality aluminum profiles forming frames with various dimensions. They are easily assembled and are suitable to make various configurations.

The images are printed as a silicone band is sewed to the fabric which is then put into the channel of the aluminum. This way the fabric is stretched perfectly and there are no wrinkles left.

The TexVision system is suitable for interior decorations, events stands, trade furnishing, screens, volumetric figures, totems, dropped and suspended ceilings.

They are thin and light weight. They are delivered disassembled. This way the transportation costs are lowered and defects are avoided. The installation and changes of fabric are easy even for people without any experience, which saves installation costs. Suitable for repeated use.

The system offers various profits and price advantages:
Lower transport and logistics charges up to 80%. For large formats the fabric is folded or rolled up, and the frame is sent disassembled.
Easy to assemble. The installation charge is reduced by up to 90%. The frames mounting can be done WITHOUT the help of special instruments and is very quick.
Easy change of the fabrics with silicone band. NO need of qualified staff. This makes TexVision perfect for regular motive changes.
The whole system is produced of modern environment friendly materials, 100% recyclable. The printed fabrics do not contain PVC , they don’t have odor and are easy to change, they don’t wrinkle.
Easy maintenance. The specially chosen fabrics we use don’t keep stains, don’t keep fingerprints and don’t absorb odors. They can be washed in washing machine, no wrinkles are left.
All used fabrics comply with the standards for fire safety class B1.